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A $30 HIV treatment?...Excuse my Scepticism!

So, while the academics fight amongst themselves, people need answers, and plenty of people are looking to find something. Not everyone is inclined to simply go an a regimen of toxic drugs, and await what may eventually come their way, brought on by either the virus or the drugs themselves.

In my discussions with friends and strangers alike, several experimental options have been suggested, ranging from diet to electrical devices. But while I could see that including such super-foods as garlic into ones diet may bring a temporary boost to ones immune system, I am not convinced that it has the capacity to expel the virus, merely to perhaps deal it a setback. Nevertheless, one of my friends who was clearly HIV-symptomatic, had nearly immediate results after including garlic into his 'typically-Latino' "staple, meat and what-are-vegetables?-diet". His stomach cramps, diarrhea and fever disappeared within a very short time of the inclusion of garlic, while the swollen lymph remain as a reminder of the greater and more significant problem facing him.

A few days ago, a friend who had been diagnosed with HIV in 1993, and who had developed AIDS in 1996, told me something that got my attention. He brought up the name of a physicist - deceased in 2002 - who claimed to have developed a way to really knock down HIV and other foreign intruders, and potentially even eliminate it from the body altogether. He built a simple apparatus following the principles of a patent that was registered in the early 1990's by Researchers at the Albert Einstein University NYC. My friend told me that a friend of his knew this man personally, as well as knowing a woman who used his method to heal herself of cancer.

Of course, when I heard that story, the first thing that sprang to mind was 'Snake Oil Salesman' and 'what does he have to sell?', because, after all, the scientific community has spent about 200 billion dollars in the fight against HIV and AIDS and hasn't produced a single cure. In contrast to that concerted effort, the claims of this man seemed rather outlandish.

Oddly enough, the profit motive was eliminated as the potential driving factor behind the claims, as the inventor, Dr Bob Beck, made the list of components available free of charge, so anyone with the knowhow could go and buy the parts and assemble them him- or herself.

Beck set out to develop what has become known as the 'Beck Protocol', a systematic approach to apply his 4 different inventions/discoveries to the body. He claims that each is safe to the physical system and only attacks elements which should not be in the body. In each case he gives examples of how to simply and cheaply assemble the needed apparatus.

With profit motive removed, there was little apparent incentive left in my mind, for Beck to promote his views, other than perhaps personal ego or... to promote an idea that is actually meant to help people.

So next on my list of tasks was to find someone who is actually HIV positive and following the protocol - the methods are alleged to be useful for various different afflictions - which proved hard to accomplish, because apparently the FDA forces websites to remove all of their testimonials and declares them to be 'fraudulent and deceptive'. My guess is that if it isn't toxic and invasive and threatens the pharmaceutical monopoly, it has to be fought tooth and nail, especially if the treatment will not generate thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue to keep the self-perpetuating machine well oiled.

But last night I happened to meet exactly such person, and it has been a rather pleasant experience to learn of the experiences, experiments and progress.

Diagnosed with HIV in early 2008, he didn't want to go on the drug regimen, and was looking for alternatives. Being 'symptomatic', I don't imagine that was something easy to stay focused on, as illness is gnawing away on the will to resist the drugs. He told me that 4 months ago - just before going on the Beck Protocol - his viral load test result was 79000. He has been tested again a month ago, with the result now being 8000, a nearly 90% reduction in viral load within 3 months of experimenting with Beck's Protocol, and completely without the use of drugs. While his doctor is not endorsing Beck's Protocol outright, she is encouraging him to continue what he is doing right. These days, he says, he is feeling great, has none of the typical symptoms of HIV infection, and has in fact not become sick with any of the usual temporary illnesses either, like Flu etc.

So, is Beck's Protocol a treatment? a potential cure? How can we know for sure? It appears to me to be a promising alternative to toxic drugs which appear to accomplish significantly less positive and a lot more negative, than Beck's Protocol. While the FDA acts as the guardian of the medical monopoly in forcing alternative methods into obscurity, it cannot stop people experimenting on themselves. And Beck has given us all the means to do exactly that, if we wish to do.

(If you find this article interesting and are thinking of experimenting with Beck's Protocol, be aware that he states that you must be off all drugs, prescription or other, while using the Protocol, because the toxicity of these drugs to the body increases during application of Beck's Protocol!)

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